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Spring Hill's Mark Fuller Demonstrates Meat Glue

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Somehow KOMO-TV drafted Mark Fuller of Spring Hill(soon to be Ma'ono Fried Chicken & Whisky) into demonstrating how transglutaminase(known as meat glue) or dried chicken and pig blood binds together meat scraps to form an almost perfect looking steak. Although Fuller no longer uses meat glue at his restaurant, he is kind enough to demonstrate the technique for KOMO's cameras. The Cattleman's Association is in buyer beware mode and tells customers that, if directly asked whether they are using transglutaminase, staff at a restaurant are obliged to answer honestly. The danger apparently is that if you're a fan of anything less than well done steak, you may be at risk of bacteria present at the fuse point. If you want to detect whether meat glue is being used to fashion a steak, look for the seam!

Spring Hill

4437 California Avenue SW, Seattle, WA