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Kid Friendly Bars; Health Department Closes 663 Bistro

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Photo: Cyclops Cafe/Yelp

SEATTLESeattle Weekly's Mike Seely has a handy guide for where to drink, if you're a parent. Some surprises to this reader were Belltown's Cyclops and Downtown's Owl N' Thistle. [Seattle Weekly]

INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT—SLOG says that Tom Douglas' favorite I.D. barbecue spot, 663 Bistro -- has again been shut down by the health department. [The Stranger]

SEATTLEHanna Raskin attended last night's restaurant design panel discussion at Town Hall and reports that, "the spare, referential dining room that's lately taken hold in Seattle is costly and loud, but leading Seattle restaurateurs say they wouldn't have it any other way." [Seattle Weekly]

Cyclops Cafe

2421 1st Ave, Seattle, WA