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Pizza Joint May Replace Dope Burger; Alki Fish & Chips Makes Way For Marination Mobile

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BELLTOWN—Belltown People says that Dope Burger will likely become a pizza joint called Rocco's--reputedly from the Noc Noc folks. [BP]

CAPITOL HILL—Today is a historic day: Oola and other local distillers can begin working out self-distribution schemes, instead of working through Washington state--all courtesy of I-1183--in which Washington voters told Washington state to exit the liquor distribution business. Capitol Hill Seattle takes a look at Oola and Sun Liquor's plans. [CHS]

WEST SEATTLEMarination Mobile's Kamala Saxton tells West Seattle Blog that Alki Fish & Chips will have to vacate their Seacrest space by March 15. The city then plans to fix it up. After which, Marination gets a chance to implement its build out. Bottom line--they probably won't be open in Alki til July. [WSB]

GEORGETOWNSeattle Met's Chris Werner says that Hallava Falafel has a new owner--James Barrington--and will soon launch a second truck, which will be found in SLU, Capitol Hill, and Ballard. [Seattle Met]

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