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Ethan Stowell Focuses on Capitol Hill for Trattoria

Last week, we told you about Ethan Stowell's plans to open Ballard Pizza Co. in April. This week, Stowell tells Capitol Hill Seattle that though no lease has been signed yet, he is eyeing the 15th Avenue space that once housed Tilden, a home goods shop for a Roman-style trattoria. Currently, Heather Earnhardt's The Wandering Goose, a Southern-influenced cafe, is planning a June opening for her portion of the spacious corner location.

Similar to the Kolstrand project, where Renee Erickson's The Walrus and Carpenter shares space with Stowell's Staple & Fancy, if the lease gets signed, Stowell and Earnhardt would work out a mutually beneficial arrangement: "There will be some viewing between the two spaces, some cross marketing, some crossing over of energy." Last month in Montreal, Stowell elaborated on his trattoria concept: "We’ll serve things like braised artichokes, a mozzarella bar, stewed oxtail, really classic Roman pastas."

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