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Eater Interviews Mark Canlis on Service and Family Legacy

The mothership sat down with Mark Canlis at last month's South Beach Wine & Food Festival and spoke to him about the art, science, and value of service. Here are a few gems that emerge from part one of the interview.

On the era of founder Peter Canlis:

Canlis definitely had that swagger, and my grandfather perpetuated that. We're talking coattails, top hat, drama. I want to present two sides of the same coin, though: he was magnanimous, irascible, and alive, and in those days people were dining out to experience the energy of the room; he made that room in those days. He was also kind of an ass who didn't struggle with self-esteem. The man dated Sophia Loren, for God's sake.

On his parents:

They'd accommodate as many people as possible. That was their hospitality. That was mom and dad's legacy. It was known for service and energy and all that, but after them it had this warmth. But I think it lost some of that exclusivity, panache, prestige, and swagger.

On the brothers Canlis era: I'd say that it's really a little bit of both[swagger and comfort], and that we've found it but will continue to develop it as time goes on and we change ourselves.

Check out the whole thing, and stay tuned for the second part of the interview.

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