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Local 360 Fires Chef Mikey For Swearing; Skelly and the Bean's Meatless Mondays

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Photo: Local 360/Facebook

CHEF SHUFFLESLocal 360 fired its head chef Mike Robertshaw last Saturday says Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin. They are currently looking for a new chef on Craigslist. Please don't swear in the kitchen, as Local 360's GM seems to find that unseemly. As for Robertshaw, he's hoping to team up with a friend and open his own place. [Seattle Weekly]

CAPITOL HILLSkelly and the Bean launches its Monday "incubator nights" program this month with Meatless Mondays--cooked by Sarah Wong, who has cooked at Cafe Flora and Harvest Vine. [Seattle Met]

SEATTLE CENTERSeattle Met's Chris Werner gets confirmation that Skillet will be one of the anchor tenants at the newly imagined, locally focused food court. Cody Ellerd Bay over at Seattle Magazine spots Ethan Stowell at the preview event and floats that he may open one of his fast casual spots there--perhaps a pizza joint? [Seattle Met/Seattle]

FOOD TRUCK WIRESeattle Magazine's Cody Ellerd Bay also brings word that a new Vietnamese/Filipino food truck called Xplosive Mobile Food Truck will hit Seattle streets this spring. Seattle Magazine]

Skelly and the Bean

2359 10th Avenue E, seattle, wa 98102 (206)328-2326

Local 360

2234 1st Avenue, , WA 98121 (206) 441-9360 Visit Website