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New Capitol Hill Burger Joints

Chow-570.jpgIn lieu of a review this week, three Stranger writers review Capitol Hill burger joints that have opened in the past year. Of 8 oz. Burger Bar, Bethany Jean Clement says her Classic 8 oz. was "a good, basic upscale" burger. Sandwich enthusiast Paul Constant visits Blue Moon Burger and finds the plain cheeseburger disappointing: "Blue Moon's local grass-fed patty is small and not juicy, the lettuce is bland and copious, the cheese is unexceptional." Cienna Madrid appears happiest with her burger at Lil Woody's: "The Smoked Out (smoked sharp cheddar, sliced raw onion, mayo, tomato, $8) tastes like a superior version of a campfire burger, thanks to generous slathering of house-made chipotle mayo." [The Stranger]