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Secret Staircases on Cap Hill; Point for Seattle in Hipster-off!

WEST SEATTLE -- The sun is shining! Flowers are blooming! Spring is here! Release yourself from wintertime house arrest and throw on some bright colors and shake things up a bit by checking out this unit in the Duwamish Cohousing community. It's may only be 2-bed, 1.5-bath place, but look at all the extra space you have available to you and your lovely neighbors to share! Happy spring, Seattle!

CAPITOL HILL -- "Things we like: built-inbookcases. Craftsman-style houses. Decks. Gardens. Capitol Hill. Old Stuff. French Doors. Secret Stairways." Fabulous. You get the idea, right? But worth $1.189 mil? You tell us.

ON THE INTERWEBS -- Remember that Hipster-off that Austin challenged us to a few months ago? After months of hipsters holding out on us (and perhaps denying that they were hipsters to really confirm that they are in fact, hipsters), we've found a hipster-y home design worth taking a peek at.