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Hunter Gatherer Lodge to Close; Sports Bar Replacement

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Capitol Hill empire builder Marcus Lalario, who most recently opened Lil Woody's), tells The Stranger that he will close nightclub Hunter Gatherer Lodge this weekend. HG Lodge, as it is sometimes called, opened in April 2010, replacing hipster club The War Room. Lalario says he's tired of the nightclub business: "I've been been doing it for 15-20 years now. I tried to get out before the War Room, but didn't, and now it's just the right time."

Look for Lalario to open a restaurant/sports bar called 95 Slide at the spot. According to Grant Brissey, it is named after Ken Griffey Jr's slide into home to beat the Yankees in the 1995 AL Division Series. Note that the Mariners would go on to lose to the Cleveland Indians in the AL Championship Series that year. But, a moment of Seattle sports glory, nonetheless.

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Sky City [Photo: HG Lodge/Yelp]

Hunter Gatherer Lodge

722 E Pike St, Seattle, WA