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Pagliacci Pizza Coming to Madison Valley; Lucky 8's Free Bike Delivery

MADISON VALLEY—Central District News says Madison Valley is getting a Pagliacci Pizza, taking over a spot currently occupied by Spotless Cleaners. [CDN]

CAPITOL HILLLucky 8's China House is offering free bicycle delivery from April 1st to April 7th(usually a $25 minimum). Also, a free vegetarian fried rice is provided with each delivery order. [EaterWire]

ORCAS ISLANDLisa Nakamura's Allium on Orcas makes an appearance in this Eater National piece on French Laundry alums and their current restaurant projects. [EaterWire]

TAN VINH WIRE—Seattle Times' Tan Vinh recommends five Monday pop-ups worth visiting and credits Little Uncle as the inspiration for the phenomenon.

[Photo: Pagliacci Pizza/Facebook]