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McDonald's Won't Fix Sea-Tac's Hamburger Problem

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Takeoff at Sea-Tac
Takeoff at Sea-Tac
Photo: Alan Turkus/Flickr CCL

Here's an entertaining dispatch from Seattle Times' Emily Heffter on the Port of Seattle's deliberations earlier this month on whether to allow McDonald's and Beecher's to open at the airport. While Beecher's sailed through, a decision on the McDonald's application was tabled. Hefter says that the McDonald's proposal looked like a good business deal to her, and it would solve Sea-Tac's longstanding "hamburger problem." Per Hefter, travelers "complain all the time that they can't get a Big Mac at the airport." She quotes Deanna Zachrisson, the Port concessions business manager, saying that the existing Wendy's in the central terminal "literally can't flip any more burgers in that space."

Port of Seattle Commissioner Tom Albro(who continually referred to Beecher''s as "Beechner's") doesn't see what all the fuss is about: "I don't particularly frequent McDonald's . . .We've taken up one as being good and one as being bad, and I don't particularly buy that. I think that's a bunch of bologna."

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