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Ethan Stowell to Open Ballard Pizza Co. Next Month

Back in August 2011, Ethan Stowell told us that he planned to open as many as five "fast food redefined spots." And, he said the first would emerge in the next six months. With Tan Vinh's latest revelation that Stowell will be opening Ballard Pizza Co. in April, it seems Stowell was off by only a couple of months. Per Vinh, the pizza shop will also serve beer.

While cooking at the Montreal en Lumiere festival last month, Stowell told Montreal Gazette that Ballard Pizza Co. will serve New York-style by the slice grab and go pizza:

Yeah. I didn’t want to do Naples-style, like those little 12-inch pies. I want to do huge New York style slices, so you could just come in and go, whether it’s early in the day or super late at night. A place to hang out, something casual and fun. I really love the challenge of doing things differently, but also better, and making sure it’s less expensive than you would expect. I appreciate the art of the pizza – those beautiful Italian pies. But I also wanted it to be approachable, to taste great, and to not have the bill to be the issue.
Stowell also shared with the paper that a Roman style trattoria will be the next of his planned fast, casual spots to open.

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[Photo: Geoffrey Smith]

Ballard Pizza Co.

5107 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 659-6033

Ballard Pizza Co.

5107 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA