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Hanna Raskin and Bethany Jean Clement Review Ma'ono

Photo: Joshua Houston/Seattle Weekly

This week finds both of the alternative weekly critics at Mark Fuller's Ma'ono Fried Chicken & Whisky(formerly Spring Hill). They both agree that the fried chicken is impeccable. "If it's not the best fried chicken you've ever had, you're a very lucky individual" says The Stranger's Bethany Jean Clement. Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin notes not only is the chicken great served hot but makes "phenomenal next-day chicken."

While Raskin advises diners to stick to the fried chicken, Clement cites the Ma'ono dog as a must-have. Raskin advises skipping it altogether--hers arrived "smeared with chicken-liver paté of an odd nutty flavor, and the sausage was burnt." Clement also better luck with her cocktails: she enjoyed her Knox Manhattan, whereas Raskin advises abstaining: "[N]one of the spirits are put to especially good use in cocktails. The ones I tried were thin, including an off-kilter Manhattan that was the shade of ginger ale."

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