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Ethan Stowell Floats Future Fine Dining Restaurant

Photo: S Pratt

All of the news lately has been about Ethan Stowell's casual restaurant ventures: Ballard Pizza opened on Monday; more Stowell food at Safeco Field; and (potentially) an upcoming Capitol Hill trattoria. Puget Sound Business Journal's Glenn Drosendahl, though, recently queried Stowell about his fine dining plans: "We’re going to do fine dining again, at some time. I’m guessing within two to three years." Reflecting on the closure of Union, the fine dining eatery that launched his career(which he opened at 28), Stowell remarked, "I didn't know what I was doing."

He tells Drosendahl that Union's 3,700 square foot space was too big. This is a lesson that seems to have stuck, as Stowell has sought to share space with other restaurateurs in recent projects-- with Renee Erickson at the Kolstrand Building and reportedly, with Heather Earnhardt at the Tilson building on 15th Avenue in Capitol Hill.

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