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Mashiko on Cooking Channel; Kafeeklatsch Gets Rid of Bike Rack

WEST SEATTLE—Set your DVR for April 19th to see sustainable sushi vendor Mashiko on The Cooking Channel's show "Hook, Line and Dinner." The show airs locally at 5 pm on Channel 204. [West Seattle Herald]

LAKE CITY—Typical Seattle story: Kaffeeklatsch, a coffee shop located on Lake City Way wanted to make itself bike-friendly, so it commissioned an artist to make one and planted it on its sidewalk. The city ordered the bike's removal, saying that it did not comply with the city code. Instead, the german cafe will have to wait for an approved city installation. [KOMO]

RAINIER VALLEY—Rainier Valley restaurants including St. Dames, Bananas Grill, and Rose Petals are participating in Plate of Nations--offering meals for $15 and $25. The promotion ends Saturday, April 7th. [Seattle Times]

[Photo: jwalsh/Flickr]


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