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Safeco Field Dining: Where to Eat at a Mariners Game

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2012_4_stadiumlogo.jpgThere's no reason to settle on a mediocre hot dog or $8 Bud Light at Safeco Field — there are plenty of great options out there, if you know where to look. Try chef Roberto Santibanez's tortas at Tortugas Voluduras, grass-fed beef burgers from Ethan Stowell's Hamburg & Frites, New Haven pizza from chef Bill Pustari at Apizza, garlic fries, vegan Field Roast burgers, oyster po'boys, Ichiroll sushi, and oh so much more. On your way into the arena, don't forget to buy some kettlecorn, which you're allowed to bring to the stands with you.

Now, in honor of opening day for the Mariners, here's a guide to what to eat at Safeco Field and where to find it. Oh, and if you're looking for some local brews, Washington Beer Blog breaks down where you can get your Mac & Jack, Fremont Brewing, etc.

Note: This post was updated on April 13, 2012

Safeco Field's Seven Standouts

hamburg-stowell.jpegHamburg + Frites: Safeco Field houses the first of Stowell's growing number of fast food concepts. Here, you get a 6.5 ounce grass-fed beef patty. topped with Tillamook cheese. The fries are served with an addictive garlic aioli dipping sauce. For this season, Stowell offers up a Taylor Farms oyster po'boy as well. [The Pen]

tortugas-voladuras-safeco-150.jpgTortugas Voladuras: Launched by chef Roberto Santibanez, Tortugas sells braised pork, roasted chicken, and slow cooked beef mexican sandwiches. They also have chips & guacamole and chips and salsa. [The Pen]

apizza-safeco-bill-pustari.jpegApizza: You won't find the fanciful clam or crabmeat-topped pizzas that made chef Bill Pustari famous. But, the New Haven style pizza maker offers up a thin-crust vegetarian white pizza and a toothsome pepperoni. [The Pen]

The_Natural.jpegVegans and vegetarians will want to seek out frankfurters and burgers made by Sodo-based Field Roast. Even omnivores have been known to say they are "super legit." This year, they have the following options: IchiBan, The Bombay, The Seattle Chili Dog, and Field Burger. [The Natural, Hit it Here Cafe, High Cheese Pizza, Section 109, Section 329]

ichiroll%20at%20ricenroll.jpegricenroll: You can't consider yourself an Ichiroll, an ode to the only Mariners player that consistently get on base, a variation of a spicy tuna roll. [Section 137]

Hit_It_Here_Cafe_Safeco.jpegHit it Here Cafe: Try the famous garlic fries here, and you may form a habit. [Right Field near ING banner]

La Creperie: Here at Stowell's other Safeco outpost, sweet and savory crepes are folded in the quarters and served up in paper cones for easy transport and consumption. [The Pen]

The Pen [Photos: Lisa Kennelly]