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Seattle Times Rebekah Denn's Favorite Pizza Picks

In celebration of our first ever Pizza Week, Eater asked food writers around town about their favorite pizzas. Here is what Seattle Times' Rebekah Denn had to say:

In my 20s I would have said Northlake Tavern, with their big heavy pies, but I haven't had a yen for them in years. Now I'd have to give the nod to Delancey. I love the taste of the crust, the great, fresh, quality of the toppings, and how you can enjoy every bite without feeling overstuffed at the end. Fabulous, original salads and desserts too. The best pie I've had there was the blistery, spicy, seasonal padron pepper pizza.

I also feel compelled to mention that Pagliacci's has the best customer service in town when it comes to pizza delivery. The people on the phone are unfailingly friendly, patient, and efficient; their computerized system is set up nicely to streamline your ordering time (it remembers your address, credit card, and so forth when you call more than once from your home number), and they occasionally surprise regulars with a free delivery (not just me -- the order's not under my real name, a holdover from my critic days, and I've had friends report the same treatment.)

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