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Rainier Valley Gets an Ezell's; Easy Joe's Finds Sodo Home

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RAINIER BEACH—The newest branch of Heaven Sent, Ezell Stephens' fried chicken mini-chain, opens 5/18 at 3427 Rainier Avenue South(where it will share space with Willie's Taste of Soul). [Seattle Weekly]

SODO—70s-era diner Easy Joe's, the previous occupant of the space currently inhabited by Skelly and the Bean, has found a SoDo home. [Facebook via Capitol Hill Seattle]

DOWNTOWN—Big thinker and NYT columnist Thomas Friedman is in town and Slog has a photo of him supping with current Washington Governor Christine Gregoire. They chose Purple Cafe & Wine Bar for their lunch. [The Stranger]

WATERFRONTElliott's Seafood Cafe, A new al fresco oyster bar is headed for Alaskan Ways says Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin. The oyster bar will be operated by . Consolidated Restaurants, which ran Steamers at the same location. [Seattle Weekly]

[Photo: Easy Joe's/Facebook]