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Find David Lynch Coffee in Fremont; Charlie's Buns in Green Lake Delayed

Photo: nickboos/Flickr CCL

FREMONT—Have you been looking all over town for David Lynch Coffee? Exhale, you can find it at recently opened Naos Lounge. [Seattle Weekly]

GREEN LAKE—Burger-shilling food truck Charlie's Buns' plan to open a concession stand in the neighborhood have been delayed, because they need to get a new roof. Look for an opening in the second week of June. [Facebook]

CAPITOL HILL—Whatever its fate Bauhaus will have to change. Here is a look back at Bauhaus in its historical context( notes its main influence has been its aesthetic and culture) and its present form(a video capturing a day in the life at the cafe). [Sprudge/CHS]

DOWNTOWN—Congratulations to Metropolitan Grill's sommelier Thomas Price, who passed the rigorous Court of Master Sommeliers master’s exam. Washington only has four other "Master" somms. [Seattle Met]

Metropolitan Grill

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