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Bar Del Corso Plans Additional Seating; Chaco Canyon's Raw Food Options

Bar del Corso
Bar del Corso
Photo: S. Pratt

BALLARD—Ballard readies itself to welcome its new board game overlords: gamer haunt Cafe Mox has applied for sidewalk seating. [My Ballard]

BEACON HILL—The neighborhood lucky enough to house Bar del Corso nabs another win: Jerry Corso's pizzeria has applied for sidewalk seating. [Beacon Hill Blog]

GREEN LAKESeattle Met does all Tolkein fans a solid by writing up Über Tavern's celebration of Wizard Staff Day on June 23. Pro tip: the bar provides the duct tape. [Seattle Met]

UNIVERSITY DISTRICT—Vegan favorite Chaco Canyon Cafe gets some love from Seattle Times for its raw food offerings. [Seattle Times]

Über Tavern

7517 Aurora Avenue North, , WA 98103 (206) 782-2337 Visit Website

Bar del Corso

3057 Beacon Avenue South, , WA 98144 (206) 395-2069 Visit Website