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Pike Place Market's New Mexican Joint; Clever Dunne's Dumb Vandal

World Pizza
World Pizza
Photo: Ronald Holden

CAPITOL HILLClever Dunne's was vandalized on Sunday by a customer who had been thrown out of the bar, only to return to throw a brick through the window. The forgetful vandal used his credit card earlier at the bar, so the police should be able to nab him. [KIRO]

EXPANSIONWIREMOD Pizza's next two locations will be in Redmond and Sammamish. Last week, they opened at the Armory at Seattle Center. [Facebook]

INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT—Beginning July 2, World Pizza will be open on Mondays as well, bringing the total to six days a week(Monday thru Saturday). [Facebook]

PIKE PLACE MARKET—A tipster says that Los Agaves, a new Mexican place, is now open at the Market and serving up authentic and cheap street food. The address is 1514 Pike Place Market Ave #7. [EaterWire]

World Pizza

672 S King Street, Seattle, WA 98104 206 682 4161