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Belltown Pub's Sleeping Lion Banner Bagged

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Three months ago, Belltown Pub put up an outside banner: a stylish lion, sleepy with food and drink. Then, one fine morning, the banner was gone. Co-owner Erwin Arceo figured it had been "permanently borrowed" by a homeless person, but the lion was spotted a short time later at a booth in the Pike Place Market, transformed into a $40 shoulder bag (of all things)! Dave Tolan, another owner, went to confront the vendor, who claimed the banner had been "found on the street." Tolan didn't buy the explanation, but he bought the bag back anyway (for $5).

Now it's back at the Belltown Pub, where it matches the art on the wall from the building's original use, as a factory for sleeping bags.

--Ronald Holden

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[Photo: Ronald Holden]

Belltown Pub

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