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Benito's Chicago Eatery Reopens: Lower Prices and Seats

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Photo: My Ballard

After some negative feedback immediately after opening last month, Benito's reopened last Friday. They have lowered both the seats and prices. With the custom seating, they lowered the height: "We lowered it by three inches, so people will not hit their legs on the underside of the tables. We also widened the booths in the front window, and are going to make some custom table tops for the booth seating."

They also decreased the prices on some menu items: "[W]e lowered some of the prices (wine 6oz pour Red-$8/glass White $7/glass) and the Picasso sandwich to $11. And we lowered some of the pizza prices and adjusted the pricing structure of the pizzas." Finally, they tinkered with the pizza dough recipe: "As for the food itself we finalized the pizza dough recipe and we added more seasoning to the gravy for the beef." But, apart from these changes, everything is the same: "Other than a few minor adjustments to a couple of different things everything is the same."

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Benito's Chicago Eatery

6201 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA