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Anthony Bourdain's The Layover Will Film in Seattle in Next Two Weeks

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The Eater tipline was a bit premature in highlighting Anthony Bourdain sightings in Puget Sound last week. It turns out that Bourdain was in Taipei at the time and hasn't visited Seattle in months. However, Bourdain did confirm on Twitter that he will be bringing The Layover to the Emerald City: "Not in Seattle. Haven't been in Seattle lately. And will not be on Top Chef Seattle. For the record. Layover Seattle soon, though."

Dinette owner and chef Melissa Nyffeler tells Eater that last week, producers contacted her about having the restaurant appear on The Layover: "I got a call from the Travel Channel this week telling me that they would like to feature Dinette in their Seattle episode. They will be coming in less than 2 weeks to film." When Bourdain does come to town in the next few weeks, please do hit the tipline(and send over photos when possible). Note that Bourdain refers to Top Chef Seattle and tells us that he will not be a judge in Season 10.

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