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Former Local 360 Chef Moves Over to Roux; New York Cupcakes is Dunzo

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Photo: Restaurant Roux / Facebook

BELLTOWNAmore Infused restaurant has closed, unable to recover from a debilitating fire in January, shortly after moving to its most recent location at 6th & Wall. []

FREMONT—Former Local 360 chef Mikey Robertshaw will be cooking at Matt Lewis's Roux, which expects to open in September. [The Stranger]

MADISON VALLEYNew York Cupcakes closes today, but fans can get their fix in the flagship store in Bellevue. [Seattle Met]

QUEEN ANNEPlaza Garibaldi will replace Mexican eatery Jalisco on 1st Avenue West. Though named for a man credited with unifying Italy, the new restaurant plans to serve the same fare as Jalisco, namely "Mexican-themed family friendly" food. [Queen Anne View]


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