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Don't Call It A Comeback: Corner Bar Stages Return

Whisky Bar was an upscale dive bar at the corner of Second and Virginia in Belltown owned by two brothers from England, Brian and Colin Pickering. It had some good live music, a regular clientele of neighborhood artists (like the plein air urban painter Ethan Jack Harrington) and a steady stream of thirsty patrons from the Moore Theater across the street. The Pickerings didn't have to be anything more than a dive bar to succeed, but they upgraded their beer list as well as their back bar (dozens of single malts).

Whisky Bar briefly had a food window on Second called Kebob, but that disappeared a couple of years ago went away along with the bar. On St. Patrick's Day, they'd put an extra (green) olive into the house martini, but this summer Whisky Bar itself emptied out.

There's a sign in the window (thanks anonymous tipster!) announcing the arrival in September of Corner Bar. Will the new Corner Bar be the same as the old? The Stranger says of the previous iteration, "sometimes being at the Corner is like being locked in a make-out closet at a basement party." Stay tuned.

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Ronald Holden

Corner Bar

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