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Snag a Seat at the Patrón Secret Dining Society

Patrón has a knack for surprises. Impeccably orchestrated fetes for lucky groups of diners, the Patrón Secret Dining Society events have been one exceptional experience after another, bringing prominent chefs (like Marcus Samuelsson and Rick Bayless) and mixologists to amazing locations in the most vibrant cities across the US.

And now, we're nearing the next Patrón Secret Dining Society announcement on September 4th, at 4pm EST. Prepare by joining the Patrón Social Club. Once the clock hits zero and the location is announced, you'll have a mere 72 hours to correctly answer a riddle for your chance to win. And don't worry if you don't live in the event's city—you'll still be up for a surplus of other prizes.

Sign up today. >>