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Walrus and the Carpenter's Sarah Getter Sprints For a Cab

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Welcome back to Front and Center, a series dedicated to highlighting excellent Front of House staff. Eater Seattle reader Suzi An nominated The Walrus and the Carpenter server Sarah Getter

Sarah_Getter_Walrus.jpgLet me tell you why Sarah Getter is my favorite front of house person I have ever encountered. Not only is she an amazing person to begin with, she is the best at what she does. Sarah was formerly the AGM at Restaurant Zoe until recently when she decided to work closer to home at Walrus and Carpenter.

While working at Zoe, she viewed her position as a server as a liaison between food and experience rather than a way to make easy money. What drives her is the experience she is able to give her guests and ultimately, she will do anything to make that happen. A few months ago before she left Zoe, she literally sprinted out during our rush on a Friday night to chase down a cab for one of her tables. Once she returned, all of her tables in her section began clapping for her. Once her table leaves, she escorts them to the cab to open the car doors.

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Suzi An

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