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Restaurant Bea Reportedly Boots Chef Tom Black

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Restaurant Bea
Restaurant Bea
Photo: S. Pratt

Multiple tips flooded Eater's mailbox regarding Tom Black getting the boot over at Restaurant Bea last weekend, and Eater contacted both management and Black for comment. Here is what one tipster had to say: "I wanted to leat[sic] you know that Chef Tom Black is no longer at Restaurant Bea. Based on what I was told, it sounds like he had some sort of falling out with his business partners and was dismissed."

Though neither Bea nor Black would comment on the dismissal, Seattle Met confirms that there has been a change in the kitchen and Black is out. Of the new chef at Bea, Kathryn Robinson writes, "let’s just say the food (an overcooked burger, an underembellished roast chicken plate) was a clear work-in-progress." If you have any intel on the new chef, the tipline is still open.

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Restaurant Bea

1423 34th Avenue, Seattle, WA

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