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Ethan Stowell's Rione XIII Will Open in Two Weeks

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Photo: S Pratt

Rione XIII, Ethan Stowell's Roman-style trattoria will open on East Capitol Hill in two weeks, per Puget Sound Business Journal's Glenn Drosendahl. Drosendahl says that unlike the recently opened Ballard Pizza Company, Rione will be part of the more upscale Ethan Stowell Restaurants group, not the fast casual Grubb Brothers Productions family. Stowell reportedly has toured a space next to Cantinetta in Wallingford for another possible Grubb eatery. Stowell tells Drosendahal that the space dictates what type of eatery he will open there:

It depends on how much it costs. Each kind of food has a different price point and they each have different kitchen requirements. ? And we want to talk it over with the landlord to see what they have in mind. We like to have everybody have a say.
So, there you have it Stowell fans. Mark your calendars accordingly.

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Rione XIII

401 15th Avenue East, , WA 98112 (206) 838-2878 Visit Website

Rione XIII

403 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA