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Mi Tierra Family Opens Fogon in Pike/Pine Corridor

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Photo: Ronald Holden

Attention Pike/Pine residents, you now have another Mexican lunch option—a tipster (thanks Joseph!) swung by the restaurant yesterday evening and confirms that Fogon is now open at 600 East Pine. The eatery is an offshoot of the Mi Tierra family of restaurants (with locations in Woodinville and Monroe). Having sampled the fare at Mi Tierra in Monroe, tipster Joseph was none too excited.

However, Capitol Hill Seattle says that the owners all live on the Hill and one Noel Cortez told the blog that, "[Mi Tierra] is more like Mexican restaurants that you might see in the suburbs" and that for this new location, "we know the clientele is it a bit different and we need to step up our game a little bit." Fogon takes over the corner space in The Press condos development, previously occupied by Kiki and originally by kurrent. Promising at least that the new venture does not start with a "K" or "k".

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600 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA

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