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Bambino's Pizzeria Adds Bar; Bill's Off, Off Broadway?

BELLTOWNBambino's new bar will be ready this Thursday. The bar will allow the pizzeria to showcase its impressive collection of microbrews. [EaterWire]

CAPITOL HILL—It's haaard out there for Bill's Off Broadway owner Don Stevens, as he looks for temporary digs to house the deep dish pizzeria. Bill's needs to vacate by mid-2013, to make-way for a seven-story mixed-use development. [Capitol Hill Seattle]

ORCAS—French Laundry alum Lisa Nakamura took to Twitter to explain that her restaurant Allium is closing for one month (10/21 - 11/21), not permanently. So all rumormongers, get the facts straight! [EaterWire]

[Photo: Bambino's Pizzeria / Facebook]

Bambinos Pizzeria

401 Cedar Street, Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 269-2222