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Police Arrest Yancy Noll Killing Suspect Dinh Bowman

Photo: SPD

Seattle police have arrested a man they suspect of killing QFC wine steward Yancy Noll on August 31 says KING 5. A 30-year-old was taken into custody and booked for investigation of murder. Capitol Hill Seattle blog notes that the distinctive BMW Z4 may have been in the suspect's home garage in North Seattle at the time of the arrest. SPD says Noll was driving home from work and stopped at NE 75th Street and 15th Avenue NE. A man in a silver BMW Z-4 was so enraged that he pulled alongside Noll's car and opened fire, killing Noll. Noll was known and mourned by many in Seattle's restaurant scene.

Update: Seattle Times says that the suspect's name is Dinh Bowman, a child prodigy and a University of Washington graduate

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