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Feast Portland's Whole Foods Market Speakers Series

How has Portland become the talk of the American food scene? What is American food, really? How
is ever-greater global connectivity changing the way we eat? These questions, and many others, will
be challenged, dismissed, and answered in unanticipated ways in "The Global Local: Searching for an
American Food Culture," a multi-hour thought-fest moderated by Portland Monthly Magazine Editor-in-Chief Randy Gragg.

The lineup includes, Sean Brock (McGrady's Restaurant, Charleston), Karen Brooks (restaurant editor, Portland Monthly Magazine), Gabrielle Hamilton (Prune, NYC), Francis Lam (features editor, Gilt Taste), Adam Rapoport (editor-in-chief, Bon Appétit), Walter Robb (co-CEO, Whole Foods Market), and Chris Ying (editor-in-chief, Lucky Peach).

The Vitals:
Gerding Theatre
Saturday, 12:30-3pm
Tickets. >>