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Cicero's Joule Review; Gangnam BBQ in Lakewood

Photo: S. Pratt

LAKEWOOD— A Lakewood man has changed the name of his restaurant from Honey Pig to Gangnam BBQ in hopes of attracting a new (and apparently, less musically discerning) demographic. Gil Gallegos tells Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin the name change has attracted very few diners. [Voracious]

SEATTLE— Raskin also says that Seattle hasn't really warmed up to the Red Mango frozen yogurt chain, which has already closed two of its relatively new stores. [Voracious]

SEATTLE— Well, duh! Those who lost out on the bid to buy the Tully's franchise (side-eye at Starbucks) claim Patrick Dempsey charmed his way into the winning bid. Since their bid was technically higher, and they're probably not as hot, the litigious crew is suing. [WSJ]

FREMONT— Providence Cicero has nothing but raves for the new Joule, saying: "In the hunger games here, salt, bitter, sour and heat are the potent arrows in her quiver, and she aims them adroitly in dish after dish." She gave it the same star-rating as she did when the original Joule first opened in Wallingford five years ago. [Seattle Times]


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