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C.S. Finnegan's is Finished

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Proudly stating that it's "Irish Built, Irish Owned, Irish Operated," C. S. Finnegan's Irish House has called it quits. Gareth Hughes, who opened the spot next to Black Bottle on St. Patrick's Day, 2012, waited until just after the New Year to close the doors.

Reviews were reasonably good but traffic never built up. The pub's social media were going gangbusters until summer, when the neighborhood began to rumble with dissatisfaction at the $8 pricetag for a pint of Guiness.

Hughes says the Finnegan's space is still available for private parties, but with new clubs and restaurants opening in Belltown almost weekly, an event venue doesn't sound like a viable business model. Fortunately, Hughes also owns Celtic Swell in West Seattle, which seems to be going strong. A pub in Renton called Finnegan's closed a couple of years ago. Maybe it's the name.

· C.S. Finnegan's [Official Site]

C.S. Finnegan's

2604 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121