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Howard Schultz's Cheese Anecdote; Jay Kuehner at Vessel

SEATTLE— Howard Schultz walks into a bar. No! It was a London cheese shop. And all he came home with was $50 worth of dairy and a cute little anecdote that would make any merchant tear up. [Business Insider]

SEATTLE— What happens when you combine meat and sweet? The boys over at Jet City Gastrophysics have photos of some stuff they made in Seattle Food Geek's kitchen, including: prosciutto cannoli, sweet ribs, and candied chicken livers. Mouth watering? [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN— Jay Kuehner, bartender extraordinaire, most notable for his legendary antics at Sambar, is guest-bartending at Vessel tonight starting at 6 pm. [Facebook]

GIG HARBORThe Seattle Times chronicles how one Gig Harbor woman feeds her family of four on just $100 a month. [Seattle Times]

Howard Schultz [Photo: Business Insider]


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