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Raskin Pans Joule; The Stranger's Grilled Chee$e-Off

Danielle Custer
Danielle Custer
Photo: Monte Cristo/Facebook

Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin doesn't share the same love affair with Joule as Providence Cicero did in her three-star review:

"With the quality of the Korean-inspired food teeter-tottering from remarkable to regrettable—sometimes over the span of a single meal—the waits for summoned dishes become exercises in cautionary dread instead of eager anticipation."

Raskin called out two of the most popular steak dishes as the recipients of "overcooking so severe that the business of cutting and chewing might eventually trump attempts at conversation."

Things are a little less gnarly over at The Stranger this week, as a panel of tasters compare two cheese trucks to find out which one is actually worth $10. Spoiler Alert: after all that, the crew deems a homemade $5 sandwich the winner.

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