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Brave Horse's Barrel-Aged Brew; Restaurant Wars Recap

Photo: Brave Horse Tavern

SOUTH LAKE UNION— A year-long journey with Elliott Bay Brewing and Brave Horse Tavern to create their first barrel-aged beer is over, and they want you to taste the fruits of their labor. On February 6 from 6 to 8 pm at Brave Horse Tavern's Tack Room, they'll be serving four dishes created by Chef Audrey Jones that pair with 4 different beverages that include: Chinook cabernet franc, the base imperial porter from Elliot Bay Brewing, and the aged and blended beer. [EaterWire]

SEATTLENosh Pit has 8 questions for Top Chef Season 7's Tiffany Derry, such as the required, "Where are you going to eat?" and if she even watches Top Chef Seattle. [Seattle Met]

SEATTLE— Speaking of Top Chef Seattle, here's a recap of last night's Restaurant Wars episode. [Seattle Times]

CAPITOL HILL— A man accused of threatening to shoot a guard at the Harvard Market QFC last night was trying to get away with stealing a deli sandwich and two bottles of Fireball. Police say he was drunk. [CHS]

Brave Horse Tavern

310 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109