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Ballard Industry Vets Set to Open Bar in Greenwood

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La Carta de Oaxaca
La Carta de Oaxaca
Photo: La Carta/Facebook

Keep your eyes open for a new restaurant-bar-lounge getting ready to sprout up in Greenwood.

Perryn Wright, who currently tends bar at Cicchetti, and his wife Desiree, who works front of the house at both La Carta de Oaxaca and Copper Gate, are finally opening a concept they've had in the works for some time. Spring is the goal, says Wright:

"If everything falls into place, May. We take over next month. I'm hoping we can pull off a three-month build-out. That'd be fantastic."

The couple worked together at La Carta and Copper Gate. In fact, Wright has spent most of his career in Ballard, a big reason why they won't be opening their bar there:

"I was in Ballard for a better part of a decade (running the bars at La Carta de Oaxaca, Copper Gate, Thaiku) and Ballard is so much more saturated now. As we were looking around at other neighborhoods, we just liked the way Greenwood was starting to move. There's a nice little hole up there for us to fill."

Wright's duties are dropping down to just one night a week at Cicchetti, since he'll be busy swinging a hammer soon.

"We'll be both working up there once we get open. As for why we want to open a lounge, there are a lot of reasons. I've thought about opening my own place for as long as I've been bartending. My wife started developing what became our concept several years ago and we just started moving toward that goal. We think we've got a good idea, and that we're pretty good at what we do and hope that the combination will resonate with people."

As far as the concept—and name for that matter—Perryn says they're not ready to talk about that quite yet.

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