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Taste the World's Most Expensive Beer for $30

That really cool convenience store in West Seattle that pours some of the world's best beers is hosting a $30 beer tasting next Tuesday for a sought-after, high-priced beer.

From 5-7, Super Deli Mart will offer a one-ounce pour of Utopias, along with six other rare beers. According to Tan Vinh of The Seattle Times, Samuel Adams' Utopias sells for $190 for a 24-ounce bottle. Plus, only 15,000 bottles are available worldwide, which means they rarely reach store shelves before someone scoops them up. In addition, you really get a bang for your buck, as Utopias is also one of the world's most potent beers: 29-percent alcohol.

Tickets are available in-store only—no phone orders for this tour.

· Super Deli Mart [Facebook]

[Photo: The Boston Beer Co. ]

Super Deli Mart

9051 35th Ave. S.W., Seattle, WA