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Two New Seattle Food Trucks Roll Out This Spring

About these cryptic "coming soon" food trucks. Here's the unedited list pulled straight off Seattle Food Truck's registration sheet:

Truck Name: Roxy's Waffle Wagon
Type of Food/Description: Gourmet Sweet and Savory Waffles
Twitter: roxyswaffles
Facebook: Roxy's Waffle Wagon
Website: (coming soon)
Anything else: We hope to be up and running the last week of Feb /first week of March. Our truck is almost finished!!

Truck Name: Evolution Revolution (New American Street Food )
Type of Food/Description: Global Comfort/ Street food
Twitter: evolutiontruck
Facebook: Evolution Revolution
Anything else: The name represents the goal: to join the evolution of the culinary arts with the evolution of the food truck and traditional street food. Chef/Owner Singyn Hunter has traveled the world with the National Geographic expedition vessels, creating his ethnic fusion style of cooking. He is now taking that food to the street with a menu inspired by culinary traditions from around the world. Using a variety of fresh and local ingredients, he provides an eclectic twist on favorite global dishes.

Seattle Food Truck also recently added Zen Food Truck, Funguyz Food Trolley and Boyd's Fuel Truck.

SFT says before you get to unfolding that food truck map (do those exist?), keep in mind that the estimated launch dates of these trucks leans towards the optimistic.

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