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What Are Seattle's Best Under the Radar Brunch Spots?

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Cal's Classic American Kitchen
Cal's Classic American Kitchen
Photo: S. Pratt

It's Friday, which means the talk around the water cooler today is all about weekend brunch: where to go, what to eat, what to drink, bottomlessmimosasomg. If you hadn't heard, every Friday, Eater Seattle is going to open up the flood gates by asking for reader opinions on where to find the best...something. Today, it's brunch. Specifically, the unsung heroes. The yin (or is it yang?) to Salty's iconic buffet, Le Pichet's well-deserved (and already well-praised) casual Parisian fare, and Skillet Diner. What are the places that often get overlooked and that don't have lines that require the sober patience of someone who's not so goddamn starving?

Share your recommendations in the comments (or hit us up on the tipline) and check back Monday for a map of Seattle's best under the radar brunch spots.