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Attempted Wine World Break-In Thwarted by Idiocy

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Is one of your New Year's resolutions to make the police blotter for something ridiculously dumb?

If so, try repeating what some guy attempted to do yesterday: Breaking into Wine World. Using a giant boulder. In broad daylight. The stupidity trifecta landed a guy, who was wearing red gloves and likely not fully sober from New Year's Eve festivities, in police custody. Wine World's David LeClaire says he was rousted out of bed early yesterday by a frantic call from his accountant, who was inside the store:

At 10 am she heard this big booming noise from the front of the store. Nobody's there yet. The whole thing was freaking her out. She walks out and is scared because a crazy man is out there trying to break in with a boulder.
The entire front of our store is glass, and he was throwing it over and over and it wouldn't break, so he finally gave up. Meanwhile, across the street, these people were standing there drinking their coffee, filming him with their iPhones and then called the police.

Officers caught up with the guy a block away.

[Photo: Wine World]

Wine World

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