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Broadway Pagliacci Offers 1983 Slice Price

In "people who don't even eat pizza will probably eat it on Saturday" news, the Broadway Pagliacci is rolling back the prices of their slices to those of 1983. It's to celebrate the pizzeria's 30th anniversary.

Here's the menu:

Slice o' Cheese - $0.90
Double Pepp - $0.95
Combo - $1.20
Primo - $1.35

This all takes place on Saturday, January 5, from 11 am-midnight. Unlike the last time Pagliacci did this in 2009, this roll-back birthday celebration takes place on a weekend, so expect a case of the slams.

· Pagliacci [Official Site]
· Broadway Pagliacci [Facebook]


426 Broadway E., Seattle, WA 98102