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Fonte's Barista-Off; Seattle's Top 10 Wine Bars

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DOWNTOWN— Got milk? Cafe Fonté is hosting a bracket-style latte art competition January 28. First place is $250. According to their Facebook invite, "this will be a fun and exciting competition to show off your works of art!" [Facebook]

SEATTLEVoracious has a list of the top 10 wine bars in Seattle that "aren't kitschy or stuffy or boring," which is sort of a moot point because, are there more than 10 wine bars in the city? [Seattle Weekly]

SEATTLEInn at the Market and the Four Seasons are the only Washingtonians to make Trip Advisor's list of the top 25 hotels in the country. [Eater Wire]

[Photo: Cafe Fonte]

Fonte Coffee & Wine Bar

1321 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 206 762 0760

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