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Vessel & Rumba Get National Props; No More Nomad

Photo: S. Pratt

DOWNTOWNDetails Magazine lists Vessel and Rumba among the best new bars in America. Vessel gets the High End nod, while Rumba gets the Specialty Bar peg. [Details]

SEATTLEThe Seattle Times' FYI Guy wants to know what Seattle's most and least vegetarian neighborhoods are, saying, "...from the most vegetarian to the most carnivorous neighborhoods, there is a 23 percent difference in the amount of the average food budget spent on meat and fish." Chime in if you want. [Seattle Times]

SEATTLE— Curbside noodle truck Urban Nomad is putting on the brakes for good. Nosh Pit cites the owner saying while successful, he'd been contemplating closure for sometime, but does want to pursue a brick and mortar. What? [Seattle Met]


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