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Chef Gordon Ramsay Scouting Crappy Hotels in WA

Hot off the heels of his recent trip to Seattle to film Kitchen Nightmares, celebrity chef and lovable a-hole Gordon Ramsay is looking to return again—this time, for one of his other shows, Hotel Hell. His camp is asking for recommendations on the most craptastic hotels in Washington state:

We are currently seeking nominations for struggling hotels, inns and resorts that deserve to have their current ill fortunes reversed by Gordon Ramsay alongside a world-class team of hospitality industry experts.
As a world-renowned hotelier and chef/owner in some of the world's finest establishments, with Michelin stars, Ramsay and his team of hospitality experts can give the best advice to struggling, dysfunctional establishments and set them on a course to recovery.

If you know a place that needs help, hit up their tip line.

Now, where will Ramsay eat if he comes a knockin'? And has his food porn gotten any makeovers of its own?

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[Photo: Gordon Ramsay/Twitter]