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Walrus Raves About Salt; Tan Vinh Raves About Oysters

Photo: Flying Fish

BALLARD— The Walrus & the Carpenter dishes on one of their favorite ingredients: salt from Jacobsen Salt Co. out of Oregon. Ben Jacobsen started hand-harvesting salt from the Oregon coast four years ago. His company, so says Walrus, is the first northwest artisan salt production. [W&C]

SEATTLE— Tan Vinh heads over to Flying Fish for this week's happy hour roundup. He says the oysters are unsurprisingly delicious, but that the rest of the menu should not be ignored, like the miso-glazed steelhead and smoked salmon cake. [Seattle Times]

FREMONT— This year's Seattle Beer Week beer will be brewed by Fremont Brewing. Festivities will be a brewin' May 9-19. [Twitter]

Flying Fish

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