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What Are Seattle's Best Happy Hours?

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Photo: S. Pratt

Come on, get happy! Not because it's Friday, but because we live in a city where cheap food and drinks are at our grubby little fingertips. There's all-day happy hours, weekend happy hours, late-night happy hours and the dreadfully literal one-hour happy hours.

The world is our oyster, preferably during power hour when they're only a buck.

Every Friday, the comments thread will open up on a particular subject in order to pick the collective brain of Eater readers. Today, it's happy hours. What are your favorites and why? Is there a spot that has food so good you'd happily pay full price? Discounted cocktails potent enough to keep you in your happy place, but balanced enough to solidify your faith in humanity, or at least your bartender?

Please share your recommendations in the comments (or hit us up on the tipline) and check back Monday for a map of Seattle's best happy hours.